The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Samadhi Pada Now begins the sacred instructions of union. Yoga Sutra 1-1 Audio mp3 Union by stopping mind activity. Yoga Sutra 1-2 Audio mp3 At this time the seer enters there own true state. Yoga Sutra 1-3 Audio mp3 At other times the mind fluctuates and the seer identifies with this. The seer is then elsewhere. Yoga Sutra 1-4 Audio mp3 There are 5 fluctuations. They may affect us positively or negatively. Yoga Sutra 1-5 Audio mp3 Correct perception, incorrect perception , imagination, sleep and memory. Yoga Sutra 1-6 Audio mp3 Correct perception is derived from direct experience, spiritual text, inference or proven facts. Yoga Sutra 1-7 Audio mp3 Incorrect perception is illusion based on false beliefs that have been observed, accepted, and embraced. Yoga Sutra 1-8 Audio mp3 Verbal knowledge that lacks substance is from imagination. Yoga Sutra 1-9 Audio mp3 There is an absence of awareness in sleep. Condition the mind for sleep without dreams. This is deep sleep. Yoga Sutra 1-10 Audio mp3 The retention of past perceptions, experiences and knowlege is memory Yoga Sutra 1-11 Audio mp3 Practice regularly to control desires and eventually become freed from them. Yoga Sutra 1-12 Audio mp3 Practice is the continued effort to still the re-occuring mind fluctuations. Yoga Sutra 1-13 Audio mp3 Practice for a long time with devotion and enthusiasm. Yoga Sutra 1-14 Audio mp3 ""It is not only necessary to have a good well rooted practice for many years but also to meditate profoundly for long periods of time. This is a way to still mind fluctuations and bring about the constant awareness of states without separation."" Freedom from desires is achieved with intellect and control. Yoga Sutra 1-15 Audio mp3 Higher states of self are perceived and understood. Distractions disappear. Yoga Sutra 1-16 Audio mp3 Known is considered then understood. Then comes bliss from the true knowledge. Yoga Sutra 1-17 Audio mp3 When in Union there is stillness but past impressions may arise. Memory in time is balanced to serve us in life but not lead us astray. Yoga Sutra 1-18 Audio mp3 What arises is a state of awareness where the seer is merged with nature. Yoga Sutra 1-19 Audio mp3 Previous knowledge and memory serve the cause. Faith, strength and profound meditation lead us further. Yoga Sutra 1-20 Audio mp3 Union is near for those with faith and vigor. Yoga Sutra 1-21 Audio mp3 The results vary depending on intensity and dedication toward union. There is a mild, medium and intense approach. Yoga Sutra 1-22 Audio mp3 Complete surrender to God in profound meditation brings union. Yoga Sutra 1-23 Audio mp3 God is complete and unaffected by affliction, suffering and karma. Yoga Sutra 1-24 Audio mp3 From God comes the seed of all knowledge. Yoga Sutra 1-25 Audio mp3 God is the teacher of all teachers through time. Yoga Sutra 1-26 Audio mp3 God becomes present in the sacred sound of Aum. Yoga Sutra 1-27 Audio mp3 This is the purpose of repeating the sacred sound. Yoga Sutra 1-28 Audio mp3 Then the soul and inner self can be found. An intervention can take place to further remove obstacles from the path. Yoga Sutra 1-29 Audio mp3 Obstacles such as disease, doubt, illusion, inability to understand, laziness, gratification of the senses, slipping from progress and a scattered mind are all impediments. Yoga Sutra 1-30 Audio mp3 Other distractions are sorrow, Despair, anxiety, improper breathing and an unfocused mind. Yoga Sutra 1-31 Audio mp3 To prevent this follow a devotional one pointed pratice. Yoga Sutra 1-32 Audio mp3 A peaceful tranquility surfaces when we encourage joy, happiness and virtue. Detach from pain, sorrow, vice and suffering. Yoga Sutra 1-33 Audio mp3 After exhalation, during the stillness before inhalation, there is calmness. This can remove distractions. Yoga Sutra 1-34 Audio mp3 Or by unifying the mind with an object. Yoga Sutra 1-35 Audio mp3 Or by removing all sorrow and meditating on a shining state of illumination. Yoga Sutra 1-36 Audio mp3 Or by contemplating sages. Yoga Sutra 1-37 Audio mp3 Or by inquiry into day dreaming, dreams from sleep and states of awakening. Yoga Sutra 1-38 Audio mp3 Or by meditating upon something of our liking that is in harmony with the path. Yoga Sutra 1-39 Audio mp3 When progressed the mind will understand all there is to be known. From the smallest particle to that which is vast and distant. Yoga Sutra 1-40 Audio mp3 When controlling fluctuations is mastered the seer becomes one with the seen. The seen is known and shines forth through the seer like the suns reflection on a flawless crystal. Yoga Sutra 1-41 Audio mp3 Words, purpose, intelligence and imagination merge and transform. Yoga Sutra 1-42 Audio mp3 Memory becomes pure and untainted by nature. Pure form exists without reflection. Yoga Sutra 1-43 Audio mp3 Reflection may or may not be used to comprehend the subtle bodies. Yoga Sutra 1-44 Audio mp3 The subtle bodies are without form. Yoga Sutra 1-45 Audio mp3 These previous forms of union are described with seeds. Yoga Sutra 1-46 Audio mp3 A skillful practitioner that has grown aware of the relationship between divinity and the self may meditate without the use of seeds and reflection. They shine without fluctuation. Yoga Sutra 1-47 Audio mp3 The essence of truth causes insight and pure wisdom. Yoga Sutra 1-48 Audio mp3 This knowledge is not based on memory. It is beyond that which has been attained from external sources. Yoga Sutra 1-49 Audio mp3 A new life of spiritual wisdom manifests ,old impression that may arise and cause conflict are left , new ones are prevented. Yoga Sutra 1-50 Audio mp3 With the restraint and continual effort on transformation the seedless states of profound meditation and absolute union occur. Yoga Sutra 1-51 Audio mp3 The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Sadhana Pada With burning desire reflect upon and understand the self, understand the sacred text and surrender all actions to God. Yoga Sutra 2-1 Audio mp3 Meditate profoundly on becoming completely absorbed to reduce afflictions. Yoga Sutra 2-2 Audio mp3 Afflictions causing disturbance are lack of spiritual awareness, misapprehension, ego, desire, passion, greed, hate, jealousy, attachment to life, fear, anxiety and sorrow. Yoga Sutra 2-3 Audio mp3 Some afflictions and their source remain hidden waiting to be awakened. This is due to a lack of spiritual awareness and ignorance. Others afflictions have bloomed and are fully active. Yoga Sutra 2-4 Audio mp3 The need for pleasures and the source of suffering comes from identifying with that which is impure and not eternal. True self is pure and eternal. Yoga Sutra 2-5 Audio mp3 Perception and thought intertwine to create ego. Yoga Sutra 2-6 Audio mp3 Pleasure is seductive and causes deep attachments. Yoga Sutra 2-7 Audio mp3 Hatred and resentment are related to fear and suffering. Yoga Sutra 2-8 Audio mp3 Even the wise and spiritually progressed have attachment to life. Yoga Sutra 2-9 Audio mp3 For progress these afflictions and obstacles must be removed. No matter how small they may be. Yoga Sutra 2-10 Audio mp3 Meditation removes these disturbances. Yoga Sutra 2-11 Audio mp3 It may be possible to see the cause of suffering, but the karma may also be hidden, unrelated to time and the life being experienced. Yoga Sutra 2-12 Audio mp3 Our very being is rooted in karma. It affects the place of birth, quality of life and its span. Yoga Sutra 2-13 Audio mp3 We experience joy or suffering and vice or virtue as a result of Karma. Yoga Sutra 2-14 Audio mp3 With awareness and wisdom of thought discrimination, rising impressions of distress, pain and suffering can suppressed before they manifest. Yoga Sutra 2-15 Audio mp3 Then future suffering can also be prevented. Yoga Sutra 2-16 Audio mp3 Pain comes from the inability to separate true self from the illusory self. Yoga Sutra 2-17 Audio mp3 Light shines on nature revealing 3 qualities. Its ability to absorb and reflect light. Its vibration and constant change and its shape and density. This and the elements are perceived through the five senses, engaged with the five organs of action and considered with the mind. Nature's pleasures can seduce the seer unless the seer remains disengaged for the sake of liberation and freedom. Yoga Sutra 2-18 Audio mp3 It may or may not be apparent but nature's 3 qualities and all that is seen is in continual change. A greater intelligence may be seen in everything creating a perception of unity in all that is. Yoga Sutra 2-19 Audio mp3 Awareness becomes pure when this perception of unity in nature is developed. Yoga Sutra 2-20 Audio mp3 For this one reason all that is seen must be perceived by the true self. Yoga Sutra 2-21 Audio mp3 Those who attain this perception of unity in nature are no longer bound to it. All others are. Yoga Sutra 2-22 Audio mp3 Perception of unity in nature and the true self merge creating a force that frees us from the needs and bondage's of life. One becomes a master of ones self, no longer a slave to nature. Yoga Sutra 2-23 Audio mp3 A lack of true awareness will keep us bound to the needs and cravings of nature. Yoga Sutra 2-24 Audio mp3 By severing the bonds of nature and remaining in union one reaches absolute freedom and emancipation. Yoga Sutra 2-25 Audio mp3 One must continually separate truth from illusion. Yoga Sutra 2-26 Audio mp3 There are seven aspects that must be practiced before we reach a state of absolute truth. Yoga Sutra 2-27 Audio mp3 With devoted practice in these aspects of Yoga, impurities and obstacles are eliminated and true wisdom in its essence shines. Yoga Sutra 2-28 Audio mp3 These seven aspects are self restraint, universal laws, sacred posture, regulation of breath, control and restraint of the senses, concentration and meditation. With their practice comes the eighth aspect of Yoga. This is a state of being absolutely absorbed in the source of life. Yoga Sutra 2-29 Audio mp3 In the practice of the first aspect the following is considered. Non-violence, honesty, non-stealing, celibacy, study of scripture and not possessing or consuming that which is unnecessary. These are universal laws. Yoga Sutra 2-30 Audio mp3 This first aspect called Yama is unaffected by time, environment, class, and intelligence. Yoga Sutra 2-31 Audio mp3 The second aspect is Niyama. This is Cleanliness and purity, contentment, deep spiritual faith, spiritual practice and surrender to god. Yoga Sutra 2-32 Audio mp3 Reflect upon the positive aspect of existence to remove the negative. Yoga Sutra 2-33 Audio mp3 Violence in thought, word or action, desire, greed, lust and anger, illusion, obsession, suffering and fear all rise from ignorance and lack of true intellectual awareness. They may affect us intensely, mildly or somewhere in-between and will continue to do this until intervention takes place. Then positive uplifting states can be felt. Yoga Sutra 2-34 Audio mp3 When violence and hate are removed from within the practitioner there is a passiveness that influences others to desert hostility in their presence. Yoga Sutra 2-35 Audio mp3 When pure truth is developed ones words become highly potent and influential. Words manifest into reality. Yoga Sutra 2-36 Audio mp3 All that is needed will come when one does not take that which is not essential or that which is not theirs to take. Yoga Sutra 2-37 Audio mp3 Remaining in celibacy allows one to gain energy and vitality. Yoga Sutra 2-38 Audio mp3 Non attachment allows peace and time for contemplation. Knowledge and clarity of self stemming back to birth is found. Yoga Sutra 2-39 Audio mp3 Purity in body and self must be maintained. This may include non-contact with those that hinder this purity. Yoga Sutra 2-40 Audio mp3 The ability to perceive ones true self manifests further when the senses are controlled and the mind and consciousness reach purity. The practitioner becomes filled with joy. Yoga Sutra 2-41 Audio mp3 A deeper happiness in gained when the practitioner is content. Yoga Sutra 2-42 Audio mp3 Burning zeal and faith in practice removes impurities and enables the practitioner to gain the power necessary to control the senses. Yoga Sutra 2-43 Audio mp3 Self study and reflection on a desired deity brings one into union. Yoga Sutra 2-44 Audio mp3 Absolute absorption in unity is accomplished though surrender to God. Yoga Sutra 2-45 Audio mp3 Happiness, steadiness and firmness must be felt in the sacred postures. Yoga Sutra 2-46 Audio mp3 Passiveness is necessary for endurance when this infinite art of form is practiced. Yoga Sutra 2-47 Audio mp3 Then conflictions and disturbances cease. Yoga Sutra 2-48 Audio mp3 With this mastered one then begins vital breath exercise to control energy flow. Retentions and motions of inhalations and exhalations are involved. Yoga Sutra 2-49 Audio mp3 The 3 parts: inhalation, exhalation and the retentions are observed, the time is measured, and carefully lengthened. Yoga Sutra 2-50 Audio mp3 Breath becomes stable, rhythmic and natural. Yoga Sutra 2-51 Audio mp3 Then that which covers the light is destroyed. Yoga Sutra 2-52 Audio mp3 The mind becomes capable of concentration. Yoga Sutra 2-53 Audio mp3 One then draws inwards removing oneself from external and internal distractions. The senses will no longer obstruct one from the path. Yoga Sutra 2-54 Audio mp3 Then the highest level of controlling the senses is achieved. Yoga Sutra 2-55 Audio mp3 The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Vibhuti Pada Concentration is focusing the mind on something and remaining fixed. Yoga Sutra 3-1 Audio mp3 Meditation is moving closer to this without distraction. Yoga Sutra 3-2 Audio mp3 Samadhi is becoming perfectly absorbed in stillness and union with that which is concentrated and meditated upon. Yoga Sutra 3-3 Audio mp3 The three merge into one. This is Samyama. Yoga Sutra 3-4 Audio mp3 When mastered a pure wisdom and insight surfaces in relation to that which has been absorbed. Yoga Sutra 3-5 Audio mp3 This mastery is developed gradually. Yoga Sutra 3-6 Audio mp3 These three aspects are internal compared with the others. Yoga Sutra 3-7 Audio mp3 But even this can be perceived as external in comparison to the seedless states of Samadhi. Yoga Sutra 3-8 Audio mp3 Thoughts rise but are suppressed. Re-occurring thoughts and deeper impressions are also supressed and removed.The connection is made with the moment between. This is transformation through restraint. Yoga Sutra 3-9 Audio mp3 Continual peace flows when these rising impressions are suppressed. Yoga Sutra 3-10 Audio mp3 The many scattered thoughts slowly disappear, a one pointed mind emerges. Consciousness is transforming into spiritual oneness with the source of life. Yoga Sutra 3-11 Audio mp3 Again there is a rise and fall in and out of this state. It is similar to before. Action must be taken for consciousness to remain one pointed and for transformation to continue. Yoga Sutra 3-12 Audio mp3 Then a visible transformation occurs in body and senses, character, behavior and actions. Yoga Sutra 3-13 Audio mp3 Calmness is present in being but true potential has not yet manifested. The virtuous road must be closely followed and proper action followed. Yoga Sutra 3-14 Audio mp3 Proceeding will cause transformations that are quite apparent. Yoga Sutra 3-15 Audio mp3 Knowledge of the past and future comes from the transformation caused by the merging of concentration, meditation and Samadhi. Yoga Sutra 3-16 Audio mp3 Sound, meaning and feelings merge. Then the universal language of all beings is known. Yoga Sutra 3-17 Audio mp3 Hidden and past impressions surface into consciousness. Everything about them becomes known. They may come from experiences in life or beyond birth. Yoga Sutra 3-18 Audio mp3 Consciousness of others is known. Yoga Sutra 3-19 Audio mp3 This knowledge is not to be used unless aiding others in finding that which they cannot perceive but seek in life. Yoga Sutra 3-20 Audio mp3 Control of the energy form in the body leads to the power to change the effects light has on it. When light does not interact with form it becomes invisible to the eye. Yoga Sutra 3-21 Audio mp3 By the same means sound is controlled. Yoga Sutra 3-22 Audio mp3 Understand and master all actions. Know their effects which can be immediate or may remain dormant surfacing later. Time of death can known from this knowledge or from omens. Yoga Sutra 3-23 Audio mp3 Inner strength manifests from the cultivation of friendliness. Yoga Sutra 3-24 Audio mp3 Samyama on strength allows its growth to that of an elephant. Yoga Sutra 3-25 Audio mp3 This knowledge of undetectable light close and far becomes known. Yoga Sutra 3-26 Audio mp3 Samyama on the sun brings knowledge of deeper worlds. Yoga Sutra 3-27 Audio mp3 Samyama on the moon brings knowledge of the order of the stars. Yoga Sutra 3-28 Audio mp3 Samyama on the North Star brings knowledge of destiny. Yoga Sutra 3-29 Audio mp3 Samyama on the navel brings knowledge of energy centers and their interactions. Yoga Sutra 3-30 Audio mp3 Samyama on the hollow in the throat brings control over hunger and thirst. Yoga Sutra 3-31 Audio mp3 Samyama on the tortoise energy line at the base of the skull gives firmness and steadiness. Yoga Sutra 3-32 Audio mp3 Samyama on the light in the head brings the ability to perceive evolved beings. Yoga Sutra 3-33 Audio mp3 Pure illuminated spiritual perception leads to knowledge of all there is to be known. Yoga Sutra 3-34 Audio mp3 Samyama on the heart leads to knowledge of consciousness. Yoga Sutra 3-35 Audio mp3 Understanding of soul in its pure luminosity becomes distinct and apart from the awareness and experience of pain and pleasure and our interest in it. Restraint must once again be exercised to gain this knowledge of soul. Yoga Sutra 3-36 Audio mp3 Then spiritual perception in hearing and sound, touch, sight, taste and smell become enhanced. Yoga Sutra 3-37 Audio mp3 Powers that rise can be followed but will only act as obstacles in breaking down seperation and becoming completely absorbed in the source of life. Yoga Sutra 3-38 Audio mp3 Relaxing the forces that bond one to the body will allow the consciousness to enter the body of others. Yoga Sutra 3-39 Audio mp3 Mastery of one of the five pranas (udana) moves energy from the lower body upward creating a lightness and ascension that allows one to move over water, mud, thorns and more without contact. Yoga Sutra 3-40 Audio mp3 Mastery of the vital energy involved in gastric fire creates a aura that glows like a blazing fire. Yoga Sutra 3-41 Audio mp3 Samyama on the relationship between space and sound. By restraining hearing one learns to hear divine sounds. Yoga Sutra 3-42 Audio mp3 Relationship between the physical body and body of ether is known. This physical body can be constrained in order for the body of ether to become light like a cotton fiber. It can then move through space. Yoga Sutra 3-43 Audio mp3 The veil of energy obstruction caused by the perception of separation dissolves completely. Consciousness can now move beyond the body. Yoga Sutra 3-44 Audio mp3 Samyama on gross and light forms leads to knowledge of their purpose. In restraining the gross bodies interactions in certain ways a mastery is gained over the elements. Yoga Sutra 3-45 Audio mp3 From this perfection of the body manifests, obstructions disappear. More powers surface. Yoga Sutra 3-46 Audio mp3 A graceful attractive form, charm, beauty, great strength and firmness is perfection in body. Yoga Sutra 3-47 Audio mp3 The power of understanding true form. The need for restraint in the ego and the senses yet understanding their purpose. This is the conquest. Yoga Sutra 3-48 Audio mp3 Then a sharpness of mind comes due to it unbinding of the senses and their not interfering with the purity if spirit in expression. Yoga Sutra 3-49 Audio mp3 When knowledge has been successfully understood and the necessary discrimination applied a pure illuminative state of the soul manifests. All is then known. Yoga Sutra 3-50 Audio mp3 In destroying the seeds of bondage and being unattached to the powers that manifest we can progress to the ultimate emancipated states of Yoga. Yoga Sutra 3-51 Audio mp3 Summons to respectful status and higher ranks manifests as a result of the knowledge of samyama. This may stimulate surprise and joy. An effort must be made to still any attachment. Yoga Sutra 3-52 Audio mp3 Samyama on sequences of events in relation to time manifests knowledge. Yoga Sutra 3-53 Audio mp3 Then knowledge comes regarding that which seems to be of similar origin and form but has hidden properties that differentiate it. Yoga Sutra 3-54 Audio mp3 In this way all is known even that which is unrelated and unaffected by time. Yoga Sutra 3-55 Audio mp3 Perfect freedom occurs when pure consciousness and the purity of soul become equal. Yoga Sutra 3-56 Audio mp3 The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Kaivalya Pada One may gain insightful knowledge from birth, herbs, drugs, intense spiritual practice, or profound meditation. Yoga Sutra 4-1 Audio mp3 A new state of life comes from the transformation in yoga. Nature's energy flows though us in abundance. Yoga Sutra 4-2 Audio mp3 This is a more subtle use of nature than that of a agriculturist, but there are also many similarities. Yoga Sutra 4-3 Audio mp3 Alone in our individuality we can measure and extend the auras of consciousness. Yoga Sutra 4-4 Audio mp3 Consciousness can move in many ways, but when centered to oneness, it becomes influential in progression. Yoga Sutra 4-5 Audio mp3 Freedom from unnecessary influence and impressions comes as a result of meditation. Yoga Sutra 4-6 Audio mp3 A yogis actions are neither white nor black. Others fall under 3 tendencies. Yoga Sutra 4-7 Audio mp3 Impressions corresponding to these tendencies manifest into their developed states. Yoga Sutra 4-8 Audio mp3 Past impressions and memories reveal the essence of origin and position in relation to time. There are similarities for each lifetime. Yoga Sutra 4-9 Audio mp3 Some of those memories and impressions are without beginning. They have been with us eternally. Yoga Sutra 4-10 Audio mp3 There are causes of memories and impressions. Effects which are reliant and bound to causes become absent and disappear without them. Yoga Sutra 4-11 Audio mp3 Both past and future are true. One has occurred the other is to occur. That which has occurred characterizes that which is yet to occur. Yoga Sutra 4-12 Audio mp3 They manifest changes in the subtle and gross qualities of nature. Yoga Sutra 4-13 Audio mp3 Objects in nature remain real, but undergo changes due to the awareness of oneness caused by transformation. Yoga Sutra 4-14 Audio mp3 Objects appear similar, but each consciousness perceives them differently. Yoga Sutra 4-15 Audio mp3 An object remains to be an object whether perceived or not perceived. Yoga Sutra 4-16 Audio mp3 Objects remain unknown until consciousness becomes fully aware of them. Then they are known. Yoga Sutra 4-17 Audio mp3 The soul and its source become always known. No longer lost in the fluctuations of consciousness. Yoga Sutra 4-18 Audio mp3 Consciousness cannot illuminate the self and perceive life simultaneously. Yoga Sutra 4-19 Audio mp3 Perceiving and comprehending do not occur in the same instant. Yoga Sutra 4-20 Audio mp3 When the mind is overloaded, there is confusion. An inability to properly use memory and consciousness occurs. Yoga Sutra 4-21 Audio mp3 The seer becomes changeless when mastery over one's own intelligence is accomplished. Form reflects this. Yoga Sutra 4-22 Audio mp3 Consciousness, that which is known and the seer reflect perfectly. A comprehension of all that is surfaces. Yoga Sutra 4-23 Audio mp3 We are full of impressions, memories, desires and immeasurable thoughts. Yoga Sutra 4-24 Audio mp3 There is growth in the distinction between the soul and that which perceives. The perception created by ego dissolves. Yoga Sutra 4-25 Audio mp3 Then streams of intelligence appear in consciousness regarding the invisible existence. Consciousness must draw closer to this knowledge. Yoga Sutra 4-26 Audio mp3 Move confidently towards openings in the space between impressions. Yoga Sutra 4-27 Audio mp3 Then it is said that our afflictions must be abandoned. Yoga Sutra 4-28 Audio mp3 Profound meditation will set us free from desires and distractions with the proper use of discriminative thinking. Then supreme intelligence rains upon us. We now have the knowledge necessary to remain in union with the source of life. Yoga Sutra 4-29 Audio mp3 The afflictions of Karma cease to affect us. Yoga Sutra 4-30 Audio mp3 Impurities are removed and shrouds concealing infinite universal knowledge vanish. This newly found knowledge and wisdom is glorious. All that was learned previously seems insignificant. Yoga Sutra 4-31 Audio mp3 All that has to be done in order to remove the perception of separation and become transformed into illumination has been done. That which is external can no longer affect us. Yoga Sutra 4-32 Audio mp3 Approaching the end of the journey, moments of interruption cease, in due course, illuminative states of transformation and expansion prevail. Yoga Sutra 4-33 Audio mp3 Universal requirements of life have been achieved and moved aside or discarded, the qualities of nature no longer draw the seer, all can be left behind as movement is made back into the purity of consciousness experienced before birth, a beautiful liberation overcomes our essence and a pure consciousness is firmly established with life's source. Yoga Sutra 4-34 Audio mp3
The Yoga Sutras Of Patanjali - Samadhi Pada Now begins the sacred instructions of union. Yoga Sutra 1-1 Audio mp3 Union by stopping mind activity. Yoga Sutra 1-2 Audio mp3…