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1.WELCOME TO OUR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY PRESENTATIONwww.myprotect-online.com2.  Tobe able to help a lot of people maintain their health and uplift their livelihood in order…
2.  Tobe able to help a lot of people maintain their health and uplift their livelihood in order to have financial independence and to help achieving their dreams for a brighter 3.  Tobe an instrument for a poverty-free country and bring back the real essence of network home-based marketing and multi-level marketing business by setting an example of an effective and reliable marketing plan in providing a sincere, responsible and committed service. 4. Mr. Noel Soriano PresidentMs. Jenny Luna Vice 5. Unit A., 2/F., #3 St Peter St., De Joya Condominium, Bgy New Era, Quezon 6. 7. Entry 1,500.00 ( With PTC Program )  Enrty 688.00 ( Without PTC Program )  Downloadable E – Books  Ads Banner  MPO Loading Business  Customized Website  Global Business  8. MPO Loading Business - Retailership  Direct Referral Bonus  1st Cycle Matrix Bonus  2nd Cycle Matrix Bonus  1Pass – Up Bonus  Matching Bonus  Profit Sharing Bonus  Click and Share ( PTC )  9.  5% Rebates per Load Transaction P100 Income per Activation Fee 10. Earn 100.00 on your 1st Direct Referral. 0.00 100.00400.00400.00 YOUZero on your 2nd Direct Referral Earn 400.00 on your 3rd, 4th, 5th referrals up to INFINITY.400.00 11. DR100.00 + 200.00 = 300.00 YOU DR 0.001st Cycle Matrix Earn additional 200.00 on 1st cycle matrixFriend AFriend BTotal of 300.00 earnings as you complete your 1st cycle 12. YOU100.00 +200.00 +400.00 = 700.00 DR 0.001st Cycle MatrixJohnDrake2nd Cycle Matrix PeterAndrewEarn 400.00 once you complete Your 2nd Cycle Matrix.Total of 700.00 earnings as you complete your 2nd cycle 13. No New Referrals but you can have;MORE INCOMEMORE EARNINGS How ??? 14. Your Sponsor Sponsor’s Pay LineYour 2nd DIRECT YOUYour Pay LinePass - Up YOUR SPONSOR WILL EARN 200.00 PASS – UP1st DIRECT2nd DIRECTYOUR 2nd DIRECT REFERRAL IS CALLED AUTO SPILL, IT GOES TO YOUR SPONSOR'S PAYLINE AS SYSTEM REQUIRMENT. 15. Your SponsorYOUR 1ST REFERRAL WILL INVITE 2 MEMBERS LIKE WHAT YOU400 400 You earned 200.00 pass – up bonus 200 Your Pay Line 200400 200Your 2nd Direct referral will go pass – up to your Upline as system required.. 2nd cycle matrix2nd cycle matrix2nd cycle matrixYou will earn and earn and earn repeatedly…… 16. LEFT SALES GROUPRIGHT SALES GROUP 30 Pairs per Level with 5th Pair 100.00100.00 100.0050.00 came from the 5th pair goes to Company, and the other 50.00 is allotted to your Profit Sharing.100.00100.00 17. It will Pass Up to your Upline/Sponsor DRYou 200.00200.00 100.00400.00Direct Referral Matching Bonus 1st Cycle Matrix 2nd Cycle Matrix 1Pass Up100.00 100.00 200.00 400.00 200.00Total Gross Income of 1, 18. You need to DIRECT or SPONSOR 10 people per MONTH ( any combination of 688 entry and 1500 entry ) for you to QUALIFY in our PROFIT SHARING per 19. You have 10 advertisements to view/day/AccountEach view/click costs 3.00 Pesos/AccountThat is 30.00 Pesos a day/AccountAnd 900.00 Pesos a month/AccountRequirements;Meet the 300 views or click/acctNeed 2 DR of 1500 entry before you can encash your PTC income. ( No Timeframe ) 20. Qualify 1st 2 Direct Referrals ( any of the 688 or 1500 entry ) before you earn in 1Pass – Up Bonus  5th Pass – Up goes to Company Pay Line  5th Pair from the Matching Bonus/Binary goes to Company  30 Pairs per Level  100.00 from your 2nd Cycle Matrix will become your E-Wallet  21. Replicated Website username) E – Walleting◦ You can transfer your e-wallet to any members of My ProtectOnline ◦ You can BUY or SELL your e-wallet to any members of My Protect-Online ◦ You can convert your e-wallet to Registration Codes and Pins ◦ 788.00 / 1600 worth of e-wallet is equivalent of 1 Registration Code/ 22. 10% Tax  75.00 Admin Fee  75.00 System Maintenance  100.00 for 10 payouts as our contribution to community service program such as the Medical Mission which is part of our company advocacy.  23. Encashment is every MONDAY  Pay Out is every FRIDAY Minimum of 600.00 24. ALL MAJOR LOCAL BANKS WESTERN UNION/LBC/CEBUANA/MLHUILLER etc. GCASH /SMART MONEY EGO PAY PERFECT MONEY STP In your Online Registration Form, make it sure that your DETAILS are TRUE and 25. THANK YOU AND HAPPY NETWORKING!!!!