Introduction to the common core standards

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  • 2. OBJECTIVES• Begin a professional conversation connected toimplementation of the common core standards• Actively Participate in unpacking how one standardcan be introduced in the classroom (grade 4example today)• Next Steps-Chose grade focus for next 15 minute Presentation to be delivered by teachers
  • 3. AGENDA-COMMON CORE STANDARDS A SNAPSHOT VIEW• Set Context of Presentation-First of ongoing series offifteen minute presentations• Introductions• Objectives• Purpose-To become familiar with the CommonCore Standards in order to begin to graduallyimplement in the classroom through a cycle ofcollaboration and practice• Slide presentation- “Getting the Lens Ready”• Activity-Modeling of classroom activity• Debrief-Next Steps
  • 4. WHAT’S CONSIDERED A “TEXT” IN THE 21ST CENTURY?• Turn to a partner and identify two different types oftext used in the 21st century. Think of those thatmay be considered new or have a new emphasis inthe Common Core Standards• Share out one of the text types you identified
  • 5. 21ST CENTURY TEXT• Stories, novels, memoirs, poetry, problem sets,essays, equations, expressions, lab reports,research papers, directions for cooking, email,text-messaging, video games, financial reports,tests/exams, advertisements, signs, visual andmotion media, graphs, artwork, PowerPoints,charts, speech
  • 6. LITERACY-WHAT DOES IT MEAN NOW?Read the word.Read the world.- Paulo FreireHow are these words relevant toteaching and learning now?
  • 7. 21ST CENTURY LITERACY SKILLS• Technology• Multimedia• Collaboration andInterdependence• Communication• Creative Thinking• Critical Problem Solving• Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • 8. ACADEMIC VOCABULARY•Transition Wordsconnect sentences whetherwe’re writing or talking
  • 9. PRO-CON ACTIVITY• Purpose:• To scaffold the instruction related to Writing anArgument by expressing two opposing views• To provide students the opportunity to engageand practice the connection between speakingand writing
  • 10. PRO/CON IMPROV CELEBRITIES INADVERTISINGOn the other hand…Even so…In spite of…Still…Regardless • Then again… • However… • Despite… • Although this may be true…
  • 11. THANK YOU• Presenter: Bonnie Mozer• Contact• Cell number:415-300-7428
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