PowerPoint Presentation The Digital Customer Journey by Panos Ladas 1 About Me 1993 1999 2005 2 This Presentation 3 companies 1 methodology for better marketing & more & happier customers 3 Black Friday Cyber Monday 4 5 6 Retailer - Family-owned business World's largest company by revenue ($485 bil.) Only 2.5% comes from online 7 This is Business Online 8 Online Marketing History Big Bang - 2008 … - 2010 ~2010 9 Online Marketing History ~2011 ~2013 ~2014 10 Multiple Devices 11 Multi Channel: Online, offline, mobile 12 Attention Scarcity 13 Too many channels 2015 2010 Too many channels, too many tools 14 Online Marketing Channels BE Be Close to your Customer GET Visits: SEO, AdWords, Social Media Ads, Video & Viral, Offline CONVERT Conversion Optimization: Measure & Optimize RETAIN Email Marketing, Social Media Engagement, Mobile 15 Consumers don’t see Channels. 16 17 What is Customer Journey Map? Customer-centric view of the service Data-supported set of tools Extends satisfaction studies 18 The King of Customer Centric ? jeff@amazon.com 19 Investors trust Amazon Walmart: 4000 Engineers, $6 Bil. 20 Reinventing the Customer Journey Amazon Dash (IoT), Prime, Drones, Fresh 21 22 Google on Customer Journey Mapping Beauty & Fitness Electronics Food & Drink 23 Let’s create a map Step 1: Draw a Purchase Funnel Use excel or your notepad. First we create a timeline / funnel. 25 Step 2: Customer Segments / Personas Κωνσταντίνος, 24 Ελένη, 39 26 Step 3: Needs 4K, Home Theater, Wireless Reliable 27 Step 4: Touchpoints, Interactions & Mediums Multi channel Customer Service Social media Profiles Search Website – Mobile site Payment Waiting time & Delivery Actually Using the Product Ordering 28 Step 5: Data & Customer Insights Google Analytics Social Media Chatter Google Search Trends Call center logs Blog comments Reviews Support emails Comments on social Forums Interviews Customer Support (listen to it) Sales Anyone client facing & Everyone Customer satisfaction surveys NPS, Magic Wand, Expectations 29 Κωνσταντίνος, 24 30 Ελένη, 39 31 The Customer Journey Map 32 33 34 35 Think out of the box Improve and adapt your offering according to your findings. Enjoy success. Fix. But also plan the future. Now you have the data to actually prioritize. Better management of results and sales Higher revenues Better understanding of customers Gamification, SMS Offline: Big chains go for physical presence Logistics, Boxes Even Receipts (small paper, A4, handwritten, digital) Chat A/B Testing Call center Mobile Apps Loyalty And… Take Action. FAST! 36 One last thing 37 19 Billion in a day: More than double the total e-commerce sales from Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday combined. 1.7m deliverymen, 400k vehicles, 5k warehouses & 200 airplanes Alibaba.com 11.11 38 1. Be Customer Centric 2. Be Creative 3. Be Fast THANK YOU 39
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