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Presentation Design Trends 2015 DESIGN TRENDS 2015 PRESENTATION GRAPHICS + STORYTELLING = EFFECTIVE POWERPOINT PRESENTATION BRING YOUR PRESENTATION TO LIFE WITH STORY GRAPHICS USE WIDESCREEN The rise of high definition (HD) brings the widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9 to computer screens, and projectors in homes and workplaces all around the globe.  MIX & MATCH FONTS FLAT DESIGN FLAT DESIGN IS SEEN AS THE MODERN GRAPHIC STYLE PRESENT ONLINE Deliver Your Presentation From PowerPoint With The Simple Sharing Of A URL FULL SCREEN BEAUTIFUL BACKGROUND PICTURES Pictures tell stories. Stories are one of the most powerful presentation techniques because stories are felt not heard. SIMPLIFYING CONTENT WITH ONE-LINERS AND ILLUSTRATIONS 2.9 MILLION 1.3 EXABYTES 375 MEGABYTES 340 MILLION 700 BILLION E-mail sent per-second Data sent and received by mobile internet user Total minutes spent on Facebook Tweets per day Data consumed by households everyday BIGGER EMPHASIS ANIMATED GIFS PASTEL AND BRIGHT COLOR USE SCENE TO AVOID INFORMATION OVERLOAD CLIP ART IS DEAD ALTERNATIVE PRESENTATION PLATFORMS PREZI GOOGLE SLIDES SLIDE ROCKET Thank you Lets Connect: Contact: