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  • 1. BIMStorm™ Alexandria, Virginia - Federal Friendly Zones™ BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 The BIM Education Co-op ™ would like to thank ONUMA, Inc., buildingSMART alliance™, NIST, the City of Alexandria, Design Atlantic and the many supports of the BIMstorm. It is our privilege to provide this very simple walk through to allow new comers to BIM the ability to land an overly simple “building” on the Alexandria Courthouse Plaza.
  • 2. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 A virtual GreenFest will allowpeople with no previous computerskills to create a 10x10 “tent,”insert furniture, add comments and land the tent on the site in Google Earth. First, go to www.ONUMA.com and click on the red BIMstorm box in the center - it’s there.
  • 3. Experienced BIMmers can complete a full, but very LoD BIM in less than five minutes and understand how to apply the processes on complex projects Click on Washington, D.C. At the right or the WAS box. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888
  • 4. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Check out some of the information about the current line-up of BIMstorms. Log in to the ONUMA Planning System ™ -OPS Login (not the Exchange) Use your account or Call Mike Bordenaro (773) 252 5888 for ademonstration account Login donated by ONUMA, Inc.
  • 5. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 If you look at this exercise as something you can have your boss do,it might not seem like it is too simple.Click on the “List” box at the far left of the BIMstorm Alexandria Federal Friendly Zones
  • 6. Scroll down to the Teamwork Scheme with “GREENFEST” in the title, click it. Then click on the project titled “Patrick’s Site.”
  • 7. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 See the overall GreenFest plaza site and the tents/buildings already in place. They are listed on the right. Make sure you are in “Edit Mode”(1) and then click on “Add Empty Buildings” (2) under the list. 1 2
  • 8. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Enter the name of your “tent,” disregard the automatically generated dimensions, click on fields and create a 10x10 building (1) and then click on Proceed to add Buildings” (2). This is a web-based Excel file. 1 2
  • 9. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Click and drag your tentinto the site (left). Click on your tent’s name, which has been added to the bottom of the list (right).
  • 10. - You are now ready to add a room inside your tent/building. Click on the word “Spaces” (1) and then “Add Empty Spaces” (2).- Create a space that is 10x10 (below).In this exercise the building name is the same as the space name.- Click Proceed at the bottom right. 1 2 Click and drag the space so it overlays the building (left).
  • 11. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Click on the word “Spaces” (1),and then click on the name of your space (2). 1 2
  • 12. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Click on the word “Furniture” (1) and then click “Add Furniture” (2). 1 2
  • 13. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Click on the Category (1), choose the furniture (2) click on “Add” (shown on next slide) click and drag furniture into the tent (3). 1 2 3
  • 14. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 In Five to ten minutes you have people walking into your tent.Maj. Patrick Suermann created this as his first building in OPS. Suermann is an NBIMS leader and University of Floridia educator and PhD candidate.
  • 15. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Add more furniture if you want and then click on Import/Export (1), and Export (2).
  • 16. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Choose Google Earth in all of your next steps - did we mention you need Google Earth?
  • 17. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Zoom into the Alexandria Historic Courthouse Plaza. Cool!
  • 18. BIMeducation.com (773) 252 5888 Congratulations - you are a BIMster!
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    Award-winning 15 minute introduction to web-based BIM from the BIM Educations Co-op for the Alexandria BIMstorm. For more information on Building Information Models, BIMstorms…