7 Habits That Kill Creativity

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  • Habits that KILL CREATIVITY @habitsguy 7
  • Have you ever thought about why some people are more creative than others?
  • People are lazy and likely to spend minimum effort on getting things done.
  • Our brains like to follow known patterns instead of reinventing a process every single time.
  • This tendency makes us far less creative and therefore – less efficient.
  • Here are seven common habits that kill creativity.
  • 1 A creative idea cannot be born in an environment limited by logic and rationality. You’re Too Logical
  • Logic stifles creativity and blinds you to essential insights from different kinds of analyses, from consumer groups to market.
  • 2 Finding one solution is only the beginning of a long process. You choose the first solution
  • This habit never motivates you to play with alternative ideas, efficiently killing any creative bone in your body.
  • 3 Many of us think that most questions generate only one correct answer. You believe that there’s only one right answer
  • There exist many different approaches to tackling a challenge and that’s what makes a field interesting.
  • 4 Being a novice isn’t a bad thing – in fact, it happens to everyone starting a career in a new field. You lack expert knowledge
  • If you’re new to a discipline, and you never took the time to study the basics properly, you’ll inevitably put a strain on your creativity.
  • 5 A bloated ego will make you miss out on fantastic opportunities for growth and learning. You’ve got too much expert knowledge
  • If you’re convinced that you know everything, you’re limiting yourself to experience only one side of the industry.
  • 6 Stop mulling over LOTS of data. STOP. You’re overwhelmed by data
  • Ask or look for just enough information and allow yourself some space for creative thinking.
  • 7 Everyone has a potential for creativity, only most decide that it’s not worth to use it in their daily lives. You just think you’re not creative
  • Ignorance of the creative process is not lack of creativity – it’s a choice.
  • About the Author Simone Smith is an educator and a blogger. She promotes a healthy work-life balance and a constant drive towards self-improvement as the keys to a successful life. .
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