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2. » Founded in 2001 › EMEAR headquarters in Slovakia, EU › North American headquarters in Sacramento, CA » Offering solutions worldwide via Cisco Resellers › Indirect Sales Strategy » CDN Member – Cisco Preferred Solution Developer » Flexible & knowledgeable development / sales teams › We listen to your feedback / incorporate features › Deliver custom-based integrations to your environment 2Ring .. Who are we? What do we do? 3. 2Ring Product Portfolio .. Unified Communications Applications Contact Center Applications / Services 4. Why 2Ring PHONE SERVICES? » 100+ enhancements for Cisco UC in one solution » Affordable and easy to understand licensing » Easy to deploy and administer » Detailed / precise documentation » Proven platform – MS Windows Server + MS SQL Server » Virtualization supported » Among permitted 3rd party UC applications for Cisco BE6000 » Scales beyond 10,000+ end-points » Used by customers in 10+ countries 5. 100+ Enhancements for Cisco UC .. Most used Features » Make contacts available where needed (Directories) » Review caller’s details before answering (CallerID) » Paging / Texting from and to Cisco IP phones & IP speakers » Server-based Call History » Secure phones in open-spaces (PhoneLock) » Silent monitoring & Whisper coaching » Alerting (Calls to 911, International / Long / Missed Call / ..) » Black list and CallBack management (External Call Control) » Scheduled prerecorded announcements 6. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Productivity Boost How Much Does a Man-Hour Cost You? » Get all phone numbers where you expect them to be – on the phones » Enrich caller identification (for external & for missed calls) » Save on additional cabling/wiring jobs › IP phones serve as a source (microphone) & also as speakers for PA broadcasts 10 employees place 10 calls a day each time saving per call is 15s 240 business days in a year 100 man-hours 7. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Productivity Boost No Duplicate Entries » Integrates with your IS + AD » Integrates with 2Ring › CALL ACCOUNTING › Corporate contacts are considered business calls › IPPS contacts are also used to recognize called/calling parties › BUSINESS FAX › Fax numbers are available in 2Ring NetFAX 8. How does 2Ring PHONE SERVICES improve Cisco Unified Communications? Cisco IP Telephony at its best! Feature CUCM v10 CUCM + 2Ring PHONE SERVICES Corporate (Extensions) Directory / Address Book One Unlimited Personal Directories (per user) One Unlimited External Contact Directories No Yes Synchronization with IS (ERP/CRM/LDAP/…) Just simple MSAD Yes Phone Lock Extension Mobility Yes (enhancing EM) Caller Identification (Extensions) Yes Yes Advanced Caller Identification incl. Photos (Cell-Phones, External Contacts) No Yes Make intercom (PA), push2talk, one-2-one paging, and broadcast prerecorded messages to LAN/WAN/external numbers Only intercom to LAN/WAN, and only to groups of up to 50 numbers Yes Sending text messages to IP Phones, SMS, Jabber and Email No Yes Call History for Extension Mobility lasting through the log out time and device change No Yes Current Calls List & Call Reporting No Yes Silent monitoring & whisper coaching No Yes Call Alerts e.g. 911, long calls, too many active calls, or missed call alerts (user based) No Yes Automatic logging to the desktop phone from the user’s workstation (EM) No Yes Request a free trial of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES at www.2Ring.com/NewJuice 9. Simple Licensing .. FREE vs. ADVANCED EDITION 2Ring PHONE SERVICES Feature FREE ADVANCED LIVE audio paging between Cisco IP Phones Yes (group size limited to 222 devices) Unlimited Basic Paging - Text and audio to Cisco IP Phones, SMS, Overhead systems & IP Speakers Yes (group size limited to 222 devices) Unlimited Unified Paging – Text to Jabber & Email, Intercom from Jabber, external numbers, Audio to external numbers, one-to-one paging, Push2talk, List of connected lines to intercom on a originators phone No Yes Corporate internal/external directories Yes (up to 1, including IntelliSearch) Yes Corporate contact synchronization Limited to CUCM, MS Excel (csv) + manual entries + MS Exchange, MS SQL, MS AD, Lotus Notes, .. Personal directories Yes (up to 1, including IntelliSearch) Yes Personal contact synchronization Limited to imports from Gmail, Facebook, MS Excel + MS Exchange Personal Address Book Support for # of Locations / Sites 1 Unlimited Current exchange rates and stock market information on Cisco IP Phones Yes Yes RSS Reader, Weather forecast Yes Yes Webcam streams viewable on Cisco IP Phones Yes Yes IPPS Client for Android Yes Yes Internal and External Caller Identification No Yes Request a free trial of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES at www.2Ring.com/NewJuice 10. Simple Licensing .. FREE vs. ADVANCED EDITION 2Ring PHONE SERVICES Feature FREE ADVANCED Teams with silent monitoring & whisper coaching No Yes Easy Sign On (ESO) IP Phones from desktop (for Extension Mobility) No Yes Call and Messaging Reporting including Current Calls No Yes External Call Control (ECC) with BlackList, Routing By MS Exchange Calendar, and Routing to Last Calling Number No Yes Announcement and Administrators Tasks Scheduling No Yes Advance Alerting (e.g. calls to 911, long calls, too many calls) No Yes Weather Alerts (U.S. Only - using information from National Weather Service) No Yes Access MS Exchange Calendar with IP Phone No Yes Muslim Prayers No Yes Request a free trial of 2Ring PHONE SERVICES at www.2Ring.com/NewJuice 11. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES (IPPS) .. Licensing » FREE EDITION › Limited feature set › No support available › Free download » ADVANCED EDITION › Full feature set › Includes 3 years of basic software assurance (2Ring EPU) › All the new features that we add over those 3 years will be given to you for free in the new versions (labor related to upgrades not incl.) › Offers a 60-day trial 12. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Multiple Interfaces IP Phones Web Portal DesktopThick App MS Outlook Ribbon Cisco Jabber Android Cell Phones 13. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Diagram 14. Unlimited Number of Directories .. How do I search for a contact on Cisco IP phone? » Adds global and personal address books › Search all directories (Internal Extensions, Cell- Phones, Suppliers ..) › Last Search button › IntelliSearch (quicker entry) › E.g. 642425 for Michal » Favorites + PIN Protection Select Directory Enter PIN (if applicable) Search Entry Results & Dial 15. Caller Identification .. Can external callers be recognized? » Displays information about the caller › Company › Name and surname › Picture (if available) › Department / site » Preserves information in missed / received calls » Missed call notification Incoming Call (basic) Incoming Call (picture) Missed Calls Missed Calls Notification 16. Call History for Extension Mobility .. Missing your call history when on EM? » Call History for Extension Mobility › Placed, Missed, Received » Call History is available in the web-user interface » Quick contact creation (from a missed call) » Missed call notification (e.g. via email or SMS) 2Ring Directories Missed Calls Contact Creation 17. Text vs. Intercom Group | # | History Message Template Stored Message Text Messages .. Can I text from my Cisco IP phone? » To text to a › single IP phone › group of Cisco IP phones › external number (cell) › Cisco Jabber › Email (not part of phone UI) » To text to a cell, a GSM gateway or integration with API of an SMS Service provider is required 18. PA Broadcasts & Push2Talk & One-2-One Paging .. Any possibility to do paging? › Live & prerecorded broadcast › Broadcast audio paging from any phone (IP phone, Jabber, mobile) › Use IP phones as speakers › Broadcast to overhead systems & IP speakers › Broadcast to any phone (IP phone, Jabber, mobile …) › View (un)connected numbers › Push2talk & One-2-One paging (IP phones only) Intercom Group Selection Start the Broadcast Paging Members 19. PhoneLock .. Locking Your Desk Phone » Lock your desk phone to stop unwanted calls › 911 and other desirable calls can still be made » To unlock, enter your personal PIN code › No login entry is required as it is in the case of EM » Can be used even if you are using EM Locked Phone UI Unlock – Enter PIN Unlocked Message 20. Teams .. Enhance Your Team Cooperation with CC Features » Silent Monitoring & Whisper Coaching › Team call notifications available for supervisors › Ongoing team calls available on IP phone for supervisor 21. Alerts .. » New Weather alerts › (US only) » New Change Background alert › Applied to IP Phone » IP phones display text & image of the alert simultaneously 22. Integration with Cameras & Door Entry Systems Can my phone integrate with a camera? » If used with CLID, it includes automatic pop up of images at the time of the incoming call › Door phones (such as 2N Helios IP) › Door-way entry systems › Cisco surveillance cameras › Web cameras Door Phone Garage Entrance View Door-way Entry View 23. Access MS Exchange Calendar with IP Phone & Booking Rooms » Access and Edit Upcoming Calendar Events » Book Conference Room 24. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Other Features » Weather forecast » RSS reader » Sign in/off prayer receiving » Zone switching RSS Articles Article Detail Weather Forecast Zone Switching 25. 2Ring FINANCE Phone Services .. What’s the EUR/USD exchange rate for today? » Current exchange rates on IP phones » Currency converter » Stock market information » Based on Yahoo! Finance API » Completely free! Convert Currency Converter Results Exchange Rates Stock Market 26. Web Functionality .. What should users use the web UI for? » Search, create, manage, share & sync contacts › Outlook, Facebook, Gmail, MS Excel » Dial calls from web » View Call History » Start conference calls 27. Messages .. Exorbitant messaging with 2Ring PHONE SERVICES » Additional templates » Multi-media messages » Live and pre-recorded audio messages › Message can be recorded while calling a number » Advanced messaging › Multi-action messages 28. Web Functionality .. Supervisor » Review team call, text and paging activity (reporting) » Use silent monitoring & whisper coaching 29. Web Functionality .. Administrator » Creates Global Address Books » Monitoring & Reporting › Alerts Definition › Observer call and messaging activity › Display Current Calls 30. Web Functionality .. Administrator » External Call Control › Blacklist › MS Exchange Status Routing » Tasks scheduling 31. Monitoring .. Alerts Can I be notified about a call activity? » Alerts › Call to a specific number (e.g. 911) › Call longer than X minutes › # of concurrent calls › IP button pressed (e.g. 2N Helios IP) 32. Monitoring .. Alerts Can I be notified about a call activity? » Alerts via › Send email, text (IP/SMS/Jabber) › Dial specified phone # › Play prerecorded audio message 33. Monitoring .. Alerts Can I be notified about a call activity? » Alerts via › Drop call › Change IP phone background › Post URL request › For IP devices management (e.g. locks) 34. Scheduler .. Schedule tasks via web GUI » Prerecorded audio streams (e.g. Prayers, School Rings) » Repetitive announcements sent as text, Jabber, SMS and E- Mail message » Lock and unlock IP DoorLock (e.g. 2N Helios IP) » Lock and unlock phones when PhoneLock is used » User synchronization » Synchronization of private contacts » .. 35. External Call Control .. » Black-list » Route incoming external calls to the last extension that called such calling number » Routing Calls by current status in MS Exchange Calendar » Supports all Cisco External Call Control Features (Special routing and Black List) 36. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. IPPS Client Can I control my desk phone from my computer? » Notification about incoming calls added to your desktop » Option to accept / reject a call without glancing away from your monitor » Quick info on who is calling including › Direct link to a “client card” in your IS 37. Easy Sign On (ESO) .. Can I be auto-logged in to a desk phone using my EM profile? » Log in to a desk phone from your workstation › Automatically on OS login › Manually » Log out from a desktop phone from workstation › Automatically on OS logout › Manually 38. MS Outlook 2007/2010/2013 Add-In .. Can I dial from MS Outlook? » Highlight a message directly in your MS Outlook and call its sender, to his/her › Extension › Mobile › Home number › .. 39. Directories / Address Books accessible from Cisco Jabber Client for Windows .. » Global and private directories » Sending text messages from IPPS’ web GUI or from Cisco IP Phone to Cisco Jabber clients » Sending alerts to Cisco Jabber Cisco Jabber 40. 2Ring IPPS Client for Android (Cisco DX650) .. Can I use IPPS contacts / services? » Global Address Books » CLID on incoming calls using IPPS contacts » Exchange Rates » Cameras (without door entry) » Cisco DX650 › Personal address books › Receive messages › Receive voice paging 41. Integration with 2N Products .. » Cam2Phone › Pop up of images at the time of an incoming call › Opening the door from Cisco IP phone using SoftKey (no DTMF) » Messaging › PA broadcasting to 2N Helios IP and NetSpeaker › Texting to cell-phones via 2N VoiceBlue 42. Integration with ALGO .. » Algo 8180 SIP Audio Alerter › IP Loud Ringer, SIP Speaker, & Voice Paging Device › Learn more about this device here: › http://www.algosolutions.c om/products/Audible-and- Visual-Alerting/8180-sip- audio-alerter.html 43. Download FREE or (a trial of) ADVANCED EDITION.. Learn about all the 100+ features » http://www.2Ring.com/NewJuice 44. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Server – System Requirements » Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and later » Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 » IIS 6.0 or later » Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later; Express Edition or above » Virtualization › MS HyperV, VMware ESX, Oracle Virtualbox 45. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Cisco BE6000 – Co-Residency (min requirements) » ESXi 5.0 › OS: Windows Server 2012 (x86 and X64) › RAM: 1GB › CPU: Pentium III compatible (recommended 1GHz) › HDD: 60 GB » ESXi 4.0 or 4.1 › OS: Windows Server 2003 and 2008 (x86 and x64) › RAM, CPU and HDD – as above » Cisco Requirements 46. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Clients – System Requirements » 2Ring IPPS Client for Windows › Microsoft Windows XP SP3+ and later › Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5SP1 or later › Cisco Unified Communications Manager TSP » 2Ring IPPS for MS Outlook Ribbon › MS Outlook 2007 or later › Cisco WebDialer 47. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. System Requirements » Messaging Module - texting to external numbers › 2N GSM gateway (such as VoiceBlue Next / Lite / Enterprise, StarGate, EasyGate, Omega, ..) including one 2N XAPI server license › All possibly included in 2Ring’s price quote › Integration with API of your telco provider or with a 3rd party SMS service 48. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Cisco IP Phones – System Requirements » Supported Cisco Unified IP Phones › 6900 Series Models › 7900 Series Models › 8900 Series Models › 9900 Series Models › IP Communicator › DX 650 49. 2Ring PHONE SERVICES .. Limitations for Specific Platforms » Features not available on CUCME / UC 500 › Personal Directories › Integration with door-way entry systems (such as 2N Helios IP) › Texting to internal Cisco IP phones (SMS sending is supported) › PA broadcasts/Intercom and Push2Talk › External Call Control › Monitoring (Alerts, Current Calls, Call Reporting) › Call History 50. 2Ring SUPPORT .. EPU (E-Mail & Phone + Upgrades) Support » Contains unlimited phone and e-mail consultations & troubleshooting regarding the purchased software » Right to receive new versions of the purchased software released during the time of the support coverage » Can only be ordered if the client is already running the current (latest) version of the purchased software 51. » Check OS state (event log, disk space) » Check SQL Server (disk space, indexes, ID size in tables) » Check IIS logs » Upgrade the application to the latest version » Perform check of specialized modules if present » Prepare an update of the documentation 2Ring SUPPORT .. EPU+ Support (requires valid EPU package) 52. ADDRESS PHONE EMAIL WWW ADDRESS PHONE EMAIL WWW Galvaniho 15/C 821 04 Bratislava Slovak Republic +421 (2) 5822 4550 info@2Ring.com www.2Ring.com 2Ring .. North America HQ2Ring .. EMEAR OFFICE MOBILE EMAIL Tom McCain Director of North American Sales +1 (916) 426-3790 +1 (480) 255-7500 tmccain@2Ring.com 2Ring .. Questions OFFICE MOBILE EMAIL Michal Grebáč Strategic Sales & Marketing Director +1 (916) 282-9514 +1 (916) 514-3355 mgrebac@2Ring.com 2Ring .. Connect with Us 8880 Cal Center Drive Suite 400, Sacramento, CA 95826, USA (916) 426-3790 info-na@2Ring.com www.2Ring.com
1. JUICE-UP YOUR UC 2Ring PHONE SERVICES v7.0 2. » Founded in 2001 › EMEAR headquarters in Slovakia, EU › North American headquarters in Sacramento, CA » Offering solutions…