Don't DYI your VDI: The Cloud-Hosted Desktop Goes Mainstream

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  • 1. Don't DIY Your VDI: The Cloud-Hosted Desktop Goes Mainstream Kevin Linsell, Head of Service Development, @KevLinsell Cloud Expo Europe: Feb 2014
  • 2. 02 Agenda  Why VDI At All?  DIY VDI: Not a Bank Holiday Project  Desktop as a Service  Q&A
  • 3. Why VDI At All? The challenges facing corporate desktop IT…
  • 4. 04 The Challenges Facing Corporate Desktop IT Win XP retirement Mobility/ homeworkers Security BYOD & more devices Business Continuity
  • 5. 05 The Workplace is Changing Technology Workforce Gartner Of respondents are proactively moving forward or still evaluating Cloud Services Forrester Of smartphones used at work are chosen without regard for IT support IDC Growth in the number of devices IT is expected to support by 2012 IDC Of organisations already support or plan to support employee-owned devices Gartner Desktop virtualisation is the third highest priority for server projects IDC Influence on supporting non-standard devices from executives & VPs Gartner Consumerization of IT will have the biggest impact on Enterprise IT in the next decade
  • 6. 06 What Happens On… APRIL 8 2014 XP market share predicted to remain at ~30%
  • 7. 07 Facts to Consider Fact Consideration Security • • • • On April 9 2014 there will be no more updates or patches Continuing to use XP will leave you vulnerable Potential exists for litigation & fines Zero day exploits may have been ‘stock-piled’ Support • • Hardware & driver support is disappearing Application vendor support will decrease Reliability • XP is now three generations behind Cost • IDC reports that the annual cost per PC with WinXP is 5x what it would be with Win7 Emotion • People still love Windows XP !!
  • 8. 08 The Holy Grail? Simplify desktops & apps into a central datacentre Manage & secure virtual desktops from a single admin console while removing data from endpoints Empower users with secure, roaming access to the same desktop & apps across devices in any location     Streamline management Enhance security Provide High Availability Better support for more users across more devices
  • 9. DIY VDI: Not a Bank Holiday Project Nick Knowles can’t help this one
  • 10. 010 A Lot To Consider Hardware Software Facilities Support • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Servers Storage Network End user devices VDI Software Hypervisor Desktop OS Applications Data centre Racks Power & Cooling Security 24x7 support DC operations Patching Maintenance Desktop management
  • 11. 011 Turns Out, On-Premise VDI is Hard Complexity Cash Required • Lots of start-up cash needed • Expenses for hardware, software, people skills • Complex to design, build, maintain & manage • Facilities, protocols, HW/SW, support, etc Performance • Hard to deliver 24x7, desktoplevel performance • It takes a service providerclass operation to achieve
  • 12. DIY SOS 012 Real Life VDI Horror Stories…  Storage performance kills roll out o o o £££ spent on successful design, pilot and early phases of deployment Suddenly users complaining of poor performance & experience Turned out the storage couldn’t cope with the scale out  Too late to the party o o o In flight project took >1 year to deploy 1st live seat In that time business had deployed a video training service Wasn’t part of the design & didn’t function  Execs breach security o o o o Senior management started adopting iPads Insisted that IT allow & support them Resulted in a security exposure; fortunately detected in time IT closed the door, “wait for VDI project”…management outsourced IT
  • 13. Desktop as a Service Hosted, managed, foolproof!
  • 14. 014 DaaS vs. Traditional VDI Traditional VDI o o o o o Must commit £££ upfront High touch implementation Feature-rich management Priced higher than a traditional PC Scalable to customer requirements DaaS o o o o o Try before you buy Low touch cloud-based implementation Easy desktop management Low OPEX monthly subscription pricing Modular scale from Increase security at desktop level to meet compliance requirements > Drive better value & performance from your desktop infrastructure > Standardise the applications your internal teams use > Protect mobile workers from data loss & offer great user experiences > Deliver applications securely to a wide range of devices, enabling BYOD Powered by
  • 18. 018 A Complete, Customised Desktop Solution Feature How Desktops as a Service Securely hosted in the Adapt cloud An extension of your network Integrated: networking, Active Directory, IP addressing etc - an extension of your environment Collaboration Email, Office apps, presence & conferencing Extensible Install your own desktop apps Leverage Adapt’s cloud services portfolio Secure & compliant UK datacentres, UK operations, vetted staff ISO 27001, 9001 and 20000-1 Managed 24/7 UK support: Adapt looks after the infrastructure, you focus on your business
  • 19. 019 Super EASY to Deploy 1 Create Virtual Desktop 2 Assign to Users 3 User Login
  • 20. Thanks for Listening Any questions? e: t: @DoMore_Adapt
1. Don't DIY Your VDI: The Cloud-Hosted Desktop Goes Mainstream Kevin Linsell, Head of Service Development, @KevLinsell Cloud Expo Europe: Feb 2014 2. 02 Agenda …